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Real Simple

The Ultimate Guide to Cured Fish

By Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner "Smoked salmon, lox, Nova—they’re all the same, right? Nope. These various categories of cured fish have about as much in common as bread and pasta or salad and pickles. Translation? They can be made with the same raw ingredient, but once manipulated, they’re totally different foods."


How Lox, Herring and Whitefish Became American Staples

By Deena Shanker. "Hot-smoked, cold-smoked, lemon-peppered, everything bagel-ed, kippered and candied. At Brooklyn,N.Y.-based Acme Smoked Fish, smoking salmon is an art with dozens of permutations."

Seafood Source

Top 25: Seafood Product Innovation

By Madelyn Kearns. "Brooklyn, New York-based supplier Acme Smoked Fish Corp. is always on the lookout for new ways and places to introduce smoked fish to consumers.  It was this quest that lead the company to create, in 2018, its Blue Hill Bay Smoked Fish Poke Bowls line, which comes in two varieties: smoked salmon and smoked ahi tuna..."

Undercurrent News

Acme Smoked Fish Hailed For Safety Measures at North Carolina Factory

By Jason Huffman. "Going a step beyond when it comes to forklift safety at its Wilmington, North Carolina smoked fish factory is just one of the changes that has helped Acme Smoked Fish Corp. win recognition from the state's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (NCOSHA), the company reports..."


Acme's New Smoked Salmon Plant Picks Up Safety Award

By IntraFish Media. "Acme Smoked Fish's Wilmington smoked fish plant has been recognized as a North Carolina Safety Site by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)..."  

Wall Street Journal

Brooklyn Fish Factory a Friday Hot Spot

By Charles Passy. "If you visit Acme Smoked Fish’s headquarters in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood on Friday morning, you’ll find a scene that is anything but corporate. A line of customers snakes out the door, with a wait-time that can run upward of 30 minutes...."


Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint is NYC’s best-kept not-so-secret seafood destination

By David Handschuh. "On a recent Friday morning, Seth Haberman pedaled from his Upper West Side home to Greenpoint to take advantage of New York's best unkept secret in noshing ..."

BuzzFeed News

Poke Bowls Could Be The Next Convenience Food. Here's Why.

By Venessa Wong. "Inside a staff pantry at the University of California, San Francisco, in a refrigerated vending machine set at 38 degrees, is the logical conclusion of the great Hawaiian fish salad renaissance."

Seafood Source

Acme introduces smoked salmon to poke

By Christine Blank. "While smoked fish is popular on crackers and bagels, it has traditionally not been considered an ingredient in ready-to-eat meals. However, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.-based Acme Smoked Fish Corp. is aiming to change that with its new Blue Hill Bay Smoked Fish Poke Bowls. The new bowls come in two varieties: smoked salmon and smoked ahi tuna."

The Bridge

Is This the World's Largest Bagel and Lox Sandwich?

By Kara Cutruzzula. "Acme Smoked Fish Corp. put on a mighty fine show Friday afternoon to try and create a new Guinness World Record for a gargantuan version of the New York favorite: a smoked fish sandwich. There were highs. There were lows. There were capers."

Progressive Grocer

Delish Fish Dish

"2017 saw poke, a Hawaiian salad made with raw fish, take off in foodservice as a lean, protein-rice dish that also satisifies consumers' desire for exotic flavors. Now Acme Smoked Fish Corp. offers its own take on the dish with Blue Hill Bay Smoked Fish Poke Bowls, built-it-yourself refrigerated fare that comes in Smoked Salmon and Smoked Ahi Tuna varieties."

New York Times

Poke, Hawaiian Fish Salad, That's Easy to Assemble

By Florence Fabricant. "If you cannot make it to Hawaii for poke, Acme Smoked Fish of Brooklyn has added convenient single-serving poke bowls to its product line. Lightly smoked and salt-cured diced salmon or tuna, a sauce and spices, each in seperate pocuhes, come packed in the bowl with a serving of cooked rice that can be heated in a microwave before combining with the other ingredients ..."

My Jewish Learning

The Best Lox to Buy at the Supermarket

By The Nosher. " You may not realize, but most appetizing restaurants in New York City and supermarkets around the country are all getting their smoked salmon from Acme Smoked Fish in New York....."

Bloomberg Pursuits

New York's Best Smoked Fish Secretly All Comes From One Place

"This looks like jewelry", said Bloomberg Pursuits food editor, Kate Krader. "Like beautiful, luscious jewelry." The  "this" in question was a small pile of smoked salmon from Barney Greengrass, and Krader, who'd spent the last five hours trudging across Manhattan and Brooklyn in an exhaustive attempt to sample some of the best smoked fish in New York, had hit a wall.


Gastronaut: Acme Smoked Fish & Fish Fridays

"In the heart of industrial Greenpoint, on an unremarkable street, behind an unmarked door, lies the largest smoked fish processor in the country: Acme Smoked Fish (30 Gem Street). And every Friday and only Friday, from 8am until 1pm, you can take advantage of one of the neighborhood's best (and worst kept) secrets when Acme opens its doors to the public for "Fish Friday""



Acme Smoked Fish, the backbone of the city's bagel-and-lox scene, is scaling up

"Racks of whitefish are placed inside an industrial smoker at Acme Smoked Fish Corp. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The fish, split and cured in a salt and sugar brine, are left hanging to be smoked with cherrywood chips at temperatures that reach only 145 degrees..."

The Daily Meal

Hooked on Cheese: Raymond Hook’s 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show Finds

"The 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show took place June 26-28 at the Javits Center in New York City. Over the course of three days, the daily meal's cheese expert Raymond Hook perused over 180,000 specialty food items and selected his top 5 items from the show"..."Top picks included sriracha smoked salmon, passion fruit ginger ale, McConnell's ice cream, and Gran Toscano cheese."


Extra Crispy

How Acme Smoked Fish Became Part of Everyone's Bagel Breakfast

"The die-hards get there early - 7:30am, 8 at the latest. After that you have to wait in line, which can stretch out the door and down Gem Street, a small industrial block in North Brooklyn. It's not for a secret show, or some kind of newfangled pastry hybrid. It's to buy fish - smoked and pickled fish, to be precise - and to get it right from the source.

Acme Smoked Fish is the county's largest producer and distributor of smoked salmon, whitefish, herring, and other salty, fishy delicacies..."

6 sqft: New Yorker Spotlight

Adam Caslow Carries on 'A Lox' of History at Acme Smoked Fish

For many smear-loving New Yorkers, there’s no better way to usher in the weekend than with a bagel and lox. And one of the companies keeping this culinary tradition alive is Brooklyn-based Acme Smoked Fish, a family business that traces its roots back to 1906 when Harry Brownstein started selling fish out of a wagon...

Food Safety Magazine

Case Study Q&A Seafood Safety

"Upgrading science leads to a winning recipe for seafood safety: Dating back to 1906, Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is a Brooklyn, NY based, family- owned-and-operated smoked fish producer. The company is widely recognized as an industry leader for premium specialty smoked and cured seafood products. The Acme Smoked Fish family of products is sold in retail and foodservice establishments..."

Brooklyn Magazine

"One Fish, Two Fish: Inside the Fascinating World of Greenpoint's Acme Smoked Fish"

Schiff is the general manager at Acme Smoke Fish in Greenpoint, and this particular Friday happens to be right before Yom Kippur. I watch a bearded man carry out two shopping bags heavy with fish, and everyone in the line patiently moves forward - Fish Fridays are the only time that ACME sells theiri products directly to the public at whole sale prices. 


Wilmington Biz

From Port To Line: Acme Plant Growing Faster Than Projected

Acme Smoked Fish may makea bigger splash than expected. Six months after opening, the Acme plant at pender commerce park is poised to hit its five year commitment of 120 jobs yet this year and may substantially exceed expectations for its long term impact...



Serious Eats

How Brooklyn's Acme Makes 5,000 Pounds of Whitefish Salad a Day

By Laura Togut (Jan 14, 2015). You can't have appetizing without whitefish, and for most of us that means, creamy, smoky whitefish salad. Imagine if tuna salad had a silky texture and delicately smoky and oily flavor. That's whitefish salad. And one of the standard-bearers of the form, certainly the largest producer in New York City, lies just off the Bedford Avenue stop...........

Specialty Food Magazine

Acme Smoked Fish Company

By Eva Meszaros. " Creating an age-old product that's just hitting its mainstream stride, Acme knows smoked fish. A tour of its factory sheds light on this prosperous company's humble beginnings, its commitment to high quality, and a taste of things still to come. Once deemed the smoked fish capital of the country, Brooklyn, NY, has seen a swiffly changing landscape in the past 50 years......."

150ish Dish

The Largest Smokehouse in Country Lives in Brooklyn

By Francesca & Marisa, "While many are planning their trips to the mall for all those Black Friday specials, 150ish has discovered the best Friday bargain of them all—Fish Friday at Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn..."


Acme expanding into new products, new markets

By Drew Cherry. "Company's history and reputation gives New York group a launchpad for innovation and expansion. Brooklyn-based smoked fish producer Acme is being helmed by its fourth generation of private owners. "

Sweet Paul Magazine

Smoked Gold

Text+Food+Styling by Paul Lowe | Photography by Colin Cooke. "My grandmother called smoked salmon "smoked gold." And after touring the Acme Smokehouse I must say I agree with her".

New York Times / NY Region

By Rebecca Flint Marx. "ON a sunny midmorning in November, with the indoor thermometer behind them reading 50 degrees Fahrenheit, a team of three Acme Smoked Fish employees in long white coates and hairnets cut and weighed fish for a line of customers. They were standing in a large, spare room just off the Brooklyn......."

The Costco Connection

Hooked on Smoked Fish

By Matthew Robb (The Costco Connection). "Russian immigrant Harry Brownstein began peddling smoked fish from a horse-drawn wagon in New York circa 1906. Through fits and starts - and 50 years....."

Seafood Executive

50 Small Seafood Companies to Watch

"Worth watching because: Acme Smoked Fish recently went through a rebranding of its products that will help it remain on of America's leading brands of smoked seafood. The company is worth watching because......."


Zagat Survey

"Go to the source" say smoked-fish fanatics who find it more than "worth the schlep" to this family-owned wholesaler/smokehouse among Greenpoint's "warehouses and factories" for "steal deals" on a "top-quality selection" of "loxilicious" goods, including whitefish, sturgeon, sable, herring and chubs (they even "give samples"); however, know that its "no-frills utilitarian retail shop" opens to civilians on Fridays..........

Seafood Executive

Case Study - Acme's Brand Makeover

"Earlier this year, US-based Acme Smoked Fish Corporation relaunched its seafood brands, including Acme, Blue Hill Bay, Ruby Bay, and Great American. The new branding is designed to better convey the idea that Acme is a quality Brooklyn-based brand, steeped in family tradition, with unique products....."

New York Daily News

Casting a wider net

By Phyllis Furman (New York Daily News). " NYC looks to help small businesses export goods and services overseas.  A Brooklyn company is proving you don't have to be Jewish - or even American - to love herring. A year and a half ago, Acme Smoked Fish decided to test the waters in Japan after store reps there began knocking on its doors eager to sell the company's Blue Hill Bay herring. Since then, Williamsburg......"

Food & Drink

Generational Quality

Acme Smoked Fish Corp. has a six-decade reputation of quality. By Luke Gillespie.
"As a fourth generation family owned and operated business, Acme Smoked FIsh Corp. has built itself on a foundation of values that continues to bring success to the company in the industry. Under the leadership of........."

Seafood Business Magazine

Smoked salmon - Innovation makes ancient art part of healthy trends

By Melissa Wood.  "Our goal as an industry is to make these products a regular staple". "How do we educate different consumer demographics to start replacing some of the proteins that they eat with smoked salmon?".............

Weekly NY Japan

Weekly New York Japan

"Good news for the gourmet.  Acme Smoked Fish, which has been leading facility to provide the best quality of smoked fish since 1954. You can see their products, salmon, whitefishes at Zabars and other notable....."


Breaking The Fast. Don't just lie there like a lox. Eat.

Chinese food and a movie might the tradition on December 25, but when it comes to breaking the fast, nothing beats a platter of nova and whitefish with all the trimmings. What you might not realize is that the smoked fish you're wolfing comes from a single, family-owned operation Brooklyn. The Acme Smoked Fish Corporation began in the early 1900's when.......

Tasting Table

Salmon Run. Acme Smoked Fish's once-a-week feeding frenzy.

Start your Sunday bagel-and-lox binge on Friday morning with a trip to Acme Smoked Fish. During the week, this Greenpoint smokehouse supplies restaurants and specialty shops with some of the nation's best smoked salmon, sable and herring; on Friday's from 8am to 1pm, Acme opens its doors to retail traffic and sells its delicacies......

New York Enterprise Report

Company Next Door. Where There's Smoke, There's Profit.

By Lee Lusardi Connor. That smoked salmon you love on a bagel? It's probably from Brooklyn-based Acme Smoked Fish Corporation. The family-run company has used a deft mix of tradition and new technology to fuel double-digit growth. Tradition has been to Acme Smoked Fish Corporation. After all, it was traditional methods of smoking fish - salmon, whitefish, herring - that made Brooklyn-based enterprise a premier provider to........

Edible Brooklyn

Traceability. Greenpoint's Unsung Smoker.

By Benjamin Schmerler. "Acme supplies Nova to you and everyone you know". Every New York Nova-nosher knows the names of the city's great smoked fish purveyors: Zabar's, Russ & Daughters, Barner Greengrass. What many may not know is that one Brooklyn company, Acme Smoked Fish, supplies them all with bulk of their smoked fish products. Acme is a fourth-generation family-run business whose waters run......

Daily News

They're hooked on one fishy biz. Smokehouse is a family affair.

By Melissa Grace. "Emily Caslow remembers days as a little girl when her dad would take her to the family-owned fish business in Greenpoint and she would plunge her arm deep into barrel and pull out whole herrings for customers"...

New York Times

So Pink, So New York

By Erika Kinetz.  "Salmon is in the heart of a classic Sunday brunch. Its long and winding route to the bagel is a quinstessential city tale. The seriousness of fall, with its early twillights, overbooked restaurants and new television shows, has descended, and the simple, enduring rituals of city life that seemed impertinent in the beat...."

Time Out

Smoked signals

By Brett Martin. " Even as more and more people learn to love "appetizing" (though they might not know it), the number of authentic cured- and smoked-fish purveyors is dwindling. To 99 percent of the world, and a healthy portion of New Yorkers, the sentence "I'm going down on Sunday to pick up some appetizing" will make no sense whatsover. For one thing, most people recognize appetizing as an adjective. Only in New York is it a glorious collective noun, one that...."

The Jerusalem Post

Lox without bagels

By Faye Levy. "It's difficult to say who are greater lovers of smoked and cured fish, New Yorkers or Parisians. In both communities, these fish are considered treats. Yet people in each city have completely different ways of savoring these delicacies. In my childhood home, as in many Jewish homes on the East Coast of the US, lox with cream cheese and bagels was a top choice for weekend brunches, and at our..."


Super Nova.

By Jeffrey Steingarten. "Smoked salmon may be ubiquitous and cheap, but it's rarely the delicious delicacy it should be.  Jeffrey Steingarten goes fishing for the secrets of the few who still know how to make the very best....."

New York Times

At the Top of the Flavor Chain.

By Tara Bahrampour. "One Stop Before the Deli Counter Is the Lonely Nocturnal Art of Drying and Curing. Aftabuddin Rayman smokes alone, in windowless rooms, deep into the night. Four times a week, as most people are getting off work, Mr. Rayman eases his Toyota Camry into a narrow canyon of warehouses near the East River on the edge of Greenpoint. Dressed in a blue cotton uniform, he enters....."

The Daily News

Fin-tastic voyage.

By Isabel Forgang. " Every day, Brooklyn's Acme Smoked Fish goes global. Lox, stock and barrel. At Acme Smoked Fish, super Nova is a shining star. It's just about 4 p.m. and 84-year old Rubin Caslow, who's driven from home in Roslyn, L.I. to Acme Smoked Fish factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is just about to start his work day. Or more accurately, his work night...."


How small businesses ramp up for the holiday demands

Anchor: Sue Herera. "Well, we all know that the retailers and the big toy stores can certainly kick it into high gear to meet increased customer demands, especially during the holiday season. But how does a small business do it? In this week's Small Business Report, The Wall Street Journal's Lynnette Khalfani shows is one company......"

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