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4 oz. Yukon Keta Salmon Candy (5845R)

This item is made from Keta salmon caught in Alaska. It is dry cured in brown sugar and hot smoked using natural hardwood smoke.

Wild Yukon Keta Salmon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke
May contain bones
Other Nutritional Facts: 
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Yukon Keta salmon has the highest Omega-3 of any keta salmon), Zero Trans Fat, Gluten Free
Handling Instructions: 
Keep Refrigerated at 38°F or Below.
Usage Suggestions: 
This lightly smoked salmon is a great healthy snack or accompaniment to any salad or main dish.
Consume within 5 to 7 days of opening
Kosher Status: 
Ok Kosher
Alaska - Yukon River
Wild or Farm-Raised: 
Wild Caught
Fish Species: 
Oncorhynchus keta
Case Count: 
0 23384 15845 7
MSC Certified, Traced by Trace Register
All Natural: 

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