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ACME Smoked Fish Foundation’s mission is to ensure that the seafood industry thrives in a rapidly changing world. We achieve this mission through support for innovation and education in the regions where we work.   

From left to right: Emily Caslow Gindi, Adam Caslow, Robert Caslow, Eric Caslow, and David Caslow

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The Eric Caslow Climate Change Innovation Fund

The ACME Smoked Fish Foundation is launching the Eric Caslow Climate Change Innovation Fund to honor Eric Caslow’s lifelong commitment to the seafood industry. Eric loved the seafood industry. He poured his time and energy into building a network of friends and colleagues that would allow ACME to grow and thrive. Eric dedicated his entire career to Acme Smoked Fish.  He passed away at the age of 75 surrounded by his family, whom he worked with every day.

The Eric Caslow Climate Change Innovation Fund has a singular purpose: To identify the most promising innovations that will impact the future of the industry. This award will celebrate advances at the intersection of sourcing, manufacturing, and human wellbeing, and do so with positive outcomes for the environment. 

The application and award process for grantees will be announced in early 2022.  

ACME Smoked Fish invites you to celebrate Eric’s Legacy and help launch the innovation awards by contributing to the ACME Smoked Fish Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Gifts received in Eric’s Memory will be dedicated to the region where the gift originated. Gifts made before March 1, 2022 at the 10k level or above will be listed as corporate partners. 

Please join with your peers from across the industry in honoring Eric’s legacy with a gift to launch the Eric Caslow Climate Change Innovation Fund. 

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