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Whole Side of Smoked Salmon

Blue Hill Bay
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Ask any smoked salmon connoisseur, there’s no better way to enjoy this delicacy than freshly hand sliced… by you. Enter a whole side of smoked salmon from Acme Smoked Fish. Now you can enjoy this New York city appetizing and deli classic from the comfort of your kitchen or dining room, where you can be the expert smoked salmon slicer in residence whenever you wish.


For our whole sides of smoked salmon, we hand select the finest fully trimmed and deboned salmon fillets for dry curing before smoking. We smoke each of these premium raw salmon fillets according to our exacting standards using a blend of North American hardwoods that includes oak and hickory. If you are looking for the pinnacle of smoked salmon flavor, the experts agree, nothing beats smoked salmon fresh off the knife.

Fully trimmed and deboned, dry-cured, and then cold smoked according to the exacting standards perfected at Acme Smoked Fish over four generations, this is as good as smoked salmon gets. When premium quality Atlantic salmon is cured and smoked to perfection it attains a beautiful golden-orange sheen that is guaranteed to impress. At Acme Smoked Fish, we hand select sides of our finest dry-cured smoked salmon for each shipment, directly to your door.


Our most premium smoked salmon available, this filet will make an excellent centerpiece for your next party or family brunch. If you are looking for peak flavor in each freshly sliced piece of smoked salmon, or want to hone your slicing skills, or simply won’t allow anyone else to slice your smoked salmon, a whole side of fish is the only way to go.


  • 1,100mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids per serving
  • High in Protein (12g) per serving
  • Ready-to-Eat
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Kosher Kof-K

Serving Size: Serves ~32 people with bagels and accoutrements

Keep refrigerated at/or below 38°F (3.3°C). Once vacuum seal is open, best if consumed within 5 days



Atlantic Salmon, salt, celery powder, and natural hardwood smoke.


Salmon (Fish)

May Contain Bones


1,100 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids per serving, High in Protein (12 g) per serving, and Gluten Free

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