How long will it take for me to receive my shipment?

If you place your order before 10AM (EST), Monday through Thursday, your order will be delivered the next day. Orders that are received after 10AM (EST) on Thursday will ship out on Monday for Tuesday delivery. Because our smoked fish products are perishable, your package will ship out via Fed Ex Standard Overnight delivery (by 8pm) from our headquarters in Brooklyn to your doorstep.


Where does Acme ship to?

At this point, we ship to the domestic contiguous United States.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship overseas, to U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, American Samoa or US Virgin Islands), or to the states of Hawaii or Alaska.

Please note, we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.


Where does my order ship from?

Acme Smoked Fish is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Your smoked fish products ship direct from our headquarters in Brooklyn to your home overnight.


Can I ship to a P.O. Box? Any other delivery restrictions?

Acme does not ship to P.O. Boxes.

We ship to residential addresses, businesses, venues and apartment buildings. Please note that if you’re shipping to a public venue, be sure to specify the recipient as well as the venue name in the address. Also, please alert the staff that you’re expecting a perishable shipment as the contents will need to be refrigerated upon receipt.

If you’re shipping to a business, please be aware that Fed Ex delivers between 8am – 8pm. We cannot guarantee delivery within limited business hours.


How will I know when my order has shipped?

When you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation. Additionally, you'll receive an email notification from us when "Your order has shipped.” The email will include tracking information so you can follow your smoked fish on its journey from Acme to your door.


Is it safe to order during the COVID-19 outbreak?

This is an understandable question given the current circumstances.

Acme follows strict local public health guidelines year round, but during this crucial time, we have implemented heightened sanitizing practices at our facilities. Additional deep cleaning and hand washing processes are in place, employees who are showing signs of sickness are required to stay home and we are working closely with our local health department to ensure that additional measures are being taken as required. Our goal is to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and our customers receiving our products.

Additionally, we wanted to share with you some helpful information directly from the CDC “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.”

Acme is continuing to monitor and take all precautions in this rapidly changing situation. We hope to bring you and your loved ones some comfort through our smoked fish products delivered right to your home during these uncertain times.

Please contact us at shop@acmesmokedfish.com if you need additional assistance.


How is my smoked fish packed and shipped?

Your smoked fish is shipped directly from our headquarters in Brooklyn to your doorstep. We strive to maintain its excellent quality and freshness by carefully packing it with cushiony, recyclable insulating material and ice packs so it arrives ready to be enjoyed. Since the smoked fish is perishable, we ship it via Fed Ex Standard Overnight to arrive the next day at your destination, by 8pm at the latest.


Does someone need to be home to sign for the package when it’s delivered?

We authorize Fed Ex to deliver your package without a signature required. This way, you don’t have to be home to accept it and the package doesn’t get warm inside during multiple delivery attempts. However, as you are receiving a perishable item, we recommend that you open it immediately and refrigerate its contents upon arrival. Acme is not responsible for items reported damaged due to not storing properly upon receipt or delaying opening upon delivery.


How much does shipping cost?

We ship via FedEx Standard Overnight. If you place your order before 10AM (EST), Monday through Thursday, your order will be delivered the next day. Our shipping charges are dependant on weight and distance. You can assess shipping charges to your destination in the cart or at checkout.

Issues with Shipment/Return Policy

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. If you encountered a problem with your order, please reach out to shop@acmesmokedfish.com and someone in our Customer Service team will work with you to resolve the issue. Please reach out to our team within 14 days of delivery.


Some of my item(s) arrived damaged. What should I do?

We’re sorry to hear this! Please contact our Customer Support team at shop@acmesmokedfish.com within 14 days of delivery with your order number as well as details and photos of the damage: 

  • A photo of the problem area
  • Two full shots of the product (from the side and overhead)
  • A shot of the packaging/box

We understand that sometimes items get damaged in transit and we will work to resolve the situation quickly.


My order contains a wrong item or is missing something.

Sorry to hear about this! Please contact our Customer Service team at shop@acmesmokedfish.com within 14 days of delivery with your order number and details of what is missing or wrongly shipped. Someone from Acme will be in touch with you to resolve the issue.


My order arrived warmer than expected.

We at Acme take enormous pride in making sure that your order is packaged properly and shipped overnight so it arrives to your doorstep in good condition and safe to consume. While we regularly conduct test shipments to ensure your smoked fish arrives at the proper temperature, occasionally packages are affected by conditions beyond our control, such as extreme seasonal temperatures.

Our products are safe to enjoy as long as they arrive cool to the touch. 

If you have additional questions about the condition of your order, or you believe that your order is not safe to consume, please contact our Customer Service team at shop@acmesmokedfish.com within 14 days of delivery.



Why is Smoked Salmon also known as Lox? (What does Lox exactly mean and why was it given that name)

Lox is derived from the foreign words 'laks', 'lachs', or 'lax', which mean "salmon".  Here in the U.S. the phrase 'lox' has been adopted as a generic term for any type of cured salmon, but most often people use it to refer to smoked salmon. True authentic lox is salt cured salmon and never smoked.  Lox is much saltier than smoked salmon, but it has a similar consistency and appearance.  Most retailers are conditioned to give smoked salmon when someone asks for lox, but if you have a saltier palette, try asking for "salty lox". 


What’s the difference between Acme, Blue Hill Bay, and Ruby Bay products?

The Acme products are a traditional line of smoked fish and herring products which employ the curing and smoking methods that have been part of our recipe for generations.  This includes items that many families have enjoyed during family gatherings, special celebrations, and around the holidays. The Blue Hill Bay line of smoked fish and herring products are produced employing European curing and smoking techniques. Blue Hill Bay products also include a diverse selection of wild-caught smoked salmon products. The Ruby Bay brand blends traditional and innovative techniques to deliver new and innovative flavors and products. 


I have noticed that the Herring within the Herring and Cream sauce is a soft texture compared to the others, why is this?

The cream is naturally acidic and breaks down the proteins of the Herring when they are combined, making the texture of the fish softer than its original state.


Once I open a jar of Herring in Wine sauce how long will it last?

If the herring is covered in brine (juice in the bottle) it can last between 10 to 15 days in a well working refrigerator once opened.  If not, it can last between 5 to 7 days like any fish.


How else can I eat smoked fish and herring products?

Eating smoked fish by itself is always delicious, but there are hundreds of ways that smoked fish and herring can also be enjoyed. Take a look at our great and easy to follow recipes to get some more ideas.


Is wine one of the ingredients in the Pickled Herring in Wine?

There is no alcohol in the pickled herring.  A trace amount of wine is ceremoniously added to each batch of brine, but it is quickly absorbed by the vinegar mixture.  There is no detectable alcohol in any of our herring products.


Do you use farmed or wild salmon for your smoked salmon?

Here at Acme, we source the highest quality, premium grade salmon that will give us the best tasting smoked salmon possible. As a result, we source from both responsibly farmed Atlantic salmon and sustainably harvested wild salmon from suppliers that adhere to the strictest standards available (BAP, MSC, etc.). Further, we only source our salmon from the most pristine waters possible. The truth is that wild salmon stocks have declined over the decades and farmed salmon now constitutes 70% of world’s salmon.

Are all products produced by Acme certified Kosher?

All of our smoked fish products are kosher except sturgeon.


What makes a fish Kosher?

A fish must contain scales, bones, and fins in order to be Kosher. For more information about Kosher standards, please visit our Kosher and Quality Standards section.


Are your products Kosher for Passover?

Yes, all of our products are Kosher for Passover with the exception of the David Burke Pastrami Nova Salmon

Each year prior to the Passover Production season The Kof-K goes to great lengths to ensure that the plant is cleaned and prepared to have Kosher for Passover products. At Acme we are proud to have our products available for Passover, so you never have to take a break from enjoying our products.


How will I know if one of your products is from the Kosher for Passover production?

Each individual package will bear a Kosher for Passover sticker. The Whitefish Salads will have a laser print on the lid with the inscription “Kosher for Passover”


How long can smoked fish safely sit at room temperature?

When serving smoked fish, do not allow it to remain at room temperature (for example, as part of a buffet) for more than three hours.


How long can I store smoked fish?

Once opened, fresh and vacuum-packaged smoked fish should be consumed within 5 days. The shelf life of un-opened, vacuum-packaged smoked fish varies.  It is always best to consume before the 'best by' date marked on package.  Smoked salmon packs can be stored FROZEN for extended shelf life for a few months and when removed from the freezer should be placed in refrigerator during the thawing process.  Smoked fish, because it is a ready-to-eat food, should not be stored with raw food products.


Is it O.K. to freeze smoked fish?

Fresh and vacuum-packaged cold smoked salmon can be frozen for a few months. Re-freezing smoked fish a second time is not recommended, as it adversely affects the quality of the product including deteriorating color, moisture and texture.  Frozen smoked salmon should be thawed in a refrigerator at 40ºF or below. 


How long can I keep the Whitefish Salad after opening?

Whitefish salad is best when consumed within 5 days after opening.  Keep all salads refrigerated as freezing will separate the mayonnaise. 


Am I able to freeze Herring?

Freezing herring may cause the glass jar to break or change the texture and appearance of the herring. While our herring products have extended shelf life, one alternative is re-pack the herring in a plastic container or in a zip-lock (freezer-type) plastic bag.  Please be aware that the cream in the cream-herring may separate if stored frozen.


How long can I keep an unopened package of Salmon in my fridge?

Product is best consumed prior to the Best by or Sell by date. Once the Best by, or Sell by date has been reached, product should be consumed within 5 days. Once the product is opened, product should be consumed within 5 days as well for products that have not reached the Sell by, or Best by date. Also, keep in mind that placing the product in a zip-lock bag is highly recommended to avoid excessive moisture loss.


How long can I store smoked fish safely at room temperature?

Never store vacuum-packed smoked fish at room temperature.  When vacuum-packed smoked fish is purchased at a store, store the items in a refrigerator as soon as possible.  When serving smoked fish, make sure you open the vacuum package first and do not allow the items to remain at room temperature for more than one hour.


How long once any jar of herring is opened will it stay fresh?

Once opened, we recommend consuming the herring within 10 days. Although the pickled herring can last longer than 10 days, we have taken into consideration that consumers often do not have ideal conditions when handling the product after opening. The use of unproperly sanitized utensils and the change in temperature level (ex: when displaying the product for a long period of time in room temperature) will affect the shelf life of this product. This product must be refrigerated at all times.


Why doesnt acme make "reduced salt" smoked fish?

The FDA has specific requirements for the amount of salt in smoked seafood. This requirement is based upon the concern for food safety. We must add a minimum amount of salt to smoked fish in order to make sure that it is safe to eat.

What are the main health benefits of smoked salmon?

Eating smoked fish is a great source of protein and other nutrients, such as Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  The health benefits of eating seafood are well documented, when consumed in moderation.  Visit our Academy section to learn more Fish Facts that elaborate about these health benefits.


I'm pregnant and would like to know if it is safe to consume your products, if so which ones?

If you are pregnant, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before eating seafood products.


Are all Acme products Gluten free?

Almost all of our products are gluten free except for three.  The Chopped Herring Salad, Smoked Fish Dip, and Smoked Salmon/Tuna Poke Bowls contain gluten.


Concerned about parasites in smoked fish?

All fish that we produce are free from parasites. Acme takes a series of measures to eliminate and prevent the risk of parasites in our products. All seafood vendors are required to comply with a number of standards and regulations related to parasite prevention. Aquaculture vendors are able to control the food that fish consume. All of our wild caught fish are frozen for at least 7 days to eliminate the presence of parasites. Brining, cooking, and smoking are additional critical control processes used to eliminate this risk.


My power went out for a few days and I had a sealed jar of herring in the fridge. Can I still eat it?

We would strongly recommend that you discard the jar. This product must be refrigerated at all times.


I've read on your packaging to consume the salmon within 5 days after opening. Is there a health danger if eaten after the 5 days or is this just for freshness and taste?

We recommend consuming smoked salmon within 5 days to ensure a fresh eating experience. For an extended shelf life, put a portion that will not be consumed within 5 days in the freezer.  Divide the remaining product into portions that will last 5 days and double wrap them in plastic or a zip lock type bag.  From a food safety standpoint, although there is nothing inherently dangerous about smoked salmon, bacteria growth can occur the longer smoked salmon is exposed to the ambient environment.  It is crucial to store smoked salmon under 40 degrees in a well working refrigerator.  


Is it safe to eat smoked fish right out of the package?

Yes! All of our smoked fish is ready to eat and requires no additional cooking. While it may be enjoyed directly from the package, it can also be added into your favorite recipes.


Is farmed salmon safe to eat?

Yes, Farmed salmon is not only safe to eat, it is very good for you.  At Acme we source our farm raised salmon from only the best vendors, knowing the conditions that the fish grow and what they are being fed.  This type of Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to help reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, premature births, and arthritis symptoms. In addition, salmon is low in saturated fat and high in protein. Farm-raised salmon is one of the most available and affordable sources of these healthy omega-3 fatty acids.  Visit our Academy section to learn more about this important Fish Fact.


How long once any jar of herring is opened will it stay fresh?

Once opened, we recommend consuming the herring within 10 days. Although the pickled herring can last longer than 10 days, we have taken into consideration that consumers often do not have ideal conditions when handling the product after opening. The use of unproperly sanitized utensils and the change in temperature level (ex: when displaying the product for a long period of time in room temperature) will affect the shelf life of this product. This product must be refrigerated at all times.

Where can i purchase these smoked fish products?

Our smoked fish is available in many supermarkets, club stores, appetizing stores, and specialty establishments throughout the country.  To find a store near you, visit our store locator.  If you aren't able to find what you're looking for, ask customer service to bring in Acme smoked fish!  Also note that many of our products are sold and available anonymously in food service establishments like bagel stores, restaurants, delis, etc. 

You can also purchase directly from us on this website. We offer a curated list of products, some only available online, direct from our smokehouse to your home. There are also a number of Collections which we hope you’ll love.  Go to Shop Now.


What are the hours for Fish Fridays?

Please note that during Covid-19, the Fish Friday Outlet has revised to an online pre-order and curbside pick-up format. You must place your online order between Tuesday (starting at noon) and Friday at noon. Curbside pick-up is on Friday between 8am- 1pm. For more information and directions, visit the Fish Friday page.


I want to order a collection, but can i substitute an item?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept substitutions at this time. We would suggest checking out the items available for online purchase and creating your own personal collection.


Surprise Gifts

Getting a box of Acme smoked fish is a great treat! However, be sure that your recipient is home to receive your gift and refrigerate it promptly upon arrival. Acme is not responsible for items reported damaged due to not storing properly upon receipt or delaying opening upon delivery.

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