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Nova Salmon

Commonly called Nova, Nova Salmon, Eastern, and Smoked Salmon this is the most popular smoked salmon sold in the world. Nova is a term used in the eastern United States that traditionally describes wet cured cold-smoked salmon. The term "Nova" refers to Nova Scotia, traditionally a large supplier of Atlantic salmon to East Coast smoke houses. Nova, traditionally made from farm grown Atlantic salmon is cured in a perfect mix of salt and brown sugar for days and then cold smoked over a blend of fruitwoods. The finished product has a mildly smoky flavor with a silky texture.

Western Salmon

Wild caught, Western salmon is also known as North Pacific King Salmon. Although, short in supply, it is still the choice of smoked salmon connoisseurs. Until the advent of salmon farming, this was the smoked salmon business. Western salmon is cured in nova style and cold smoked. Appearance is slightly redder in color.

Eastern Salmon

Traditionally referred as Nova with the smaller counterparts, this popular smoked salmon is made from farm grown Atlantic salmon. Each salmon is cured in a blend of salt and brown sugar for up to a week and then slowly cold smoked for up to 20 hours over a blend of hardwoods. Easterns are traditionally sold to appetizing stores and delis, where the salmon is delicately sliced by hand.


The term "Lox" refers to non-smoked salmon that is cured in a brine solution for an extended period time, up to several weeks. Lox is generally very salty and smooth in texture. Belly Lox: For the same lox, the back is cut away leaving the choicer, moister, fattier belly meat.


Gravlax, graved lax, or gravlox, refers to the Scandinavian custom of marinating the fillets of salmon with salt and dill and pressing them together under a weight of ice and snow, as a way of preserving the prized fish for the winter. The modern version takes a fillet of salmon, marinated in Sel de Guerande, dill, salt, sugar and spices and pressed together with another fillet for two days. The cured fillet is sliced and served as for smoked salmon.

Kippered Salmon

The term "kippered" refers to hot smoked salmon with a high moisture content. The salmon is cut into sections and cured in a brine solution prior to smoking. Also, known as Northwest-style smoked salmon or baked salmon.

Pastrami Style Smoked Salmon

After the same curing steps are performed that are used to produce Nova, and before the smoking step, an assortment of spices are coated onto each fillet.

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