Our Commitment

Quality and Food Safety

Acme is committed to quality and safety at every step of the production process.  We focus on three pillars to ensure that food safety protocols are in place at all times. The pillars are as follows:


1.      Leadership: We have staff members with scientific knowledge who address food safety issues and understand the challenges, from regulatory issues to raw material supply. Our team of scientists both in the US and Chile are dedicated to ensuring all of our products are safe and wholesome. In addition, many members of our team have been certified by the Cornell University / NY Sea Grand Seafood HAACP Alliance Program. HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a systematic approach that identifies and prevents food safety hazards. Acme’s staff also spearheaded an industry guide for the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) that is a food safety manual on Listeria control.

2.      Facility: Acme has built and maintained modern facilities that ensure safe production at every step. Food safety is a part of our daily operations and company culture, and our facilities in New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Florida, Denmark and Chile were designed to ensure safe production. We source and design our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment with critical reviews for hygienic design. Our on-site laboratory supports rapid investigations and ongoing monitoring to ensure safe manufacturing equipment. And our teams excel in Global Food Safety Initiative audits, maintaining ‘AA’ ratings.

3.      Raw material: By making a ready-to-eat smoked product, we rely upon sourcing high quality raw material and the best practices of our food safety program. By operating our own facility in Chile, we are able to manage quality during raw material processing, while ensuring the highest standards of food safety.

Research and Innovation

We work hard to fulfill customer needs while abiding by all food safety standards. Consumers are involved in many of the decisions we make when it comes to new products and new packaging. We develop innovative products that match our traditional methods. Our approach to innovation includes creating new products, continuously seeking to improve and expand upon best production practices, and delivering high quality seafood products.


Our traditions have marked our past, inspire our present, and will continue to shape our future. We recognize the importance of our methods in the products we make, the techniques we use, and the effect that it has on our evolving culture. While innovation and progress are important, tradition is what unites Acme Smoked Fish. Over the years, the Acme legacy is appreciative to have become part of your family traditions, too.


We believe that education is the key to success. We want you to be aware of the products you are eating as well as how to best use them on a daily basis. Along with acclaimed New York chefs, we have developed a recipe for almost every type of smoked fish and herring product in our catalog. Many of our new packages now contain recipes and eating suggestions. Additionally, our staff of experts spend numerous hours every week educating retailers and wholesalers on how to better handle, prepare, and serve our products to ensure that you can experience the best smoked fish possible. 

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