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Gravlax Smoked Salmon, Fennel, and Calabrian Chili TramezziniGravlax Smoked Salmon, Fennel, and Calabrian Chili Tramezzini

Meal Theme: Appetizer

Approximate Yield: 16-24 Pieces


Treat your guests to traditional Italian finger sandwiches, layered with our gravlax smoked salmon, fennel, cheese, and chili paste. You'll be transported to Turin, Venice, or the Italian Riviera, by way of Brooklyn, through these simple and delicious smoked salmon sandwiches. Tramezzini are a popular snack in Northern Italy, often sold from bars, cafes, train stations, and street vendors, and are similar to English tea sandwiches. The addition of Acme's gravlax smoked salmon (or any of our fine smoked fish products), makes this a new Italian-American specialty.


1⁄2 bulb of fennel (about 5 oz., thinly sliced, reserve fronds)
1⁄2 lemon (juiced, about 1-2 tablespoons)
1 loaf of fluffy white bread
1 8 oz. ball of mozzarella (sliced)
8 oz. gravlax (or sub with any of other Acme Smoked Fish products)
1 oz. Calabrian chili paste (or your favorite kind of chili spread)


Slice fennel and toss with lemon juice.

Lay 4-6 slices of bread on a cutting board.

Layer as follows: fennel, gravlax, mozzarella, chili spread (ingredients will hang off the edge). Place a second piece of bread on top and press the sandwich down to compact the layers. Trim off crusts and cut each sandwich into four triangles by slicing across diagonally. Garnish with fennel fronds.


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