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Meal Theme: No Cook / Sandwiches

Approximate Yield: 4 Servings


This treat is lean and green, and makes for the perfect healthy meal that will fill you up with food you can feel good about. Hearty, fiber-filled pumpernickel, herbal and protein-packed gravlax, and nurtient-rich sprouts will give your body what it wants at meal time. The addition of Greek yogurt gives this sandwich another high protein component, bell pepper further packs in the fiber, and the high concentration of vitamins and minerals in cucumbers make this a truly complete meal. If you would prefer another variety of cold smoked salmon, go for it! Gravlax may be one of our favorite choices for this sandwich, but feel free to switch it up with one of several other smoked fish options.


8 slices pumpernickel bread (toasted)
2⁄3 cups low fat Greek yogurt
1 roasted red bell pepper (sliced thin)
8 ounces of Acme gravlax
1 small cucumber (sliced thin)
1⁄2 cup alfalfa or spicy sprouts


Spread a heaping spoonful of Greek yogurt onto 4 slices of toasted pumpernickel. Top with 1/4 of the sliced roasted red bell pepper on top of the Greek yogurt. Lay out 2oz (approximately 2 slices) of Acme gravlax on top of the sliced peppers. Top the gravlax with the sliced cucumber and sprouts, and finish with the remaining slices of toast. Serve immediately.


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