Meal Theme: Appetizer

Approximate Yield: 8 Rice Balls


The buttery, smooth taste of our smoked sable complements warm sushi rice and avocado in these East Asian inspired appetizers.


2 cups Sushi rice (cooked)
1 Barely ripe avocado (cut into 1 1/2-inch slices)
3 ounces Smoked sable (cut into 1 1/2-inch slices)
Saran wrap
2 tablespoons Everything bagel spice blend (to garnish)


Cook sushi rice as per directed and keep warm.

Take a 6x6 inch piece of saran wrap and lay flat on a dry surface. On the piece of saran wrap, place a slice of smoked sable, colorful side facing out, then a slice of avocado, dark green facing out, shingling them on top of each other. Put 1 tablespoon of rice on top of the fish and avocado. Using both hands, take the corners of the saran wrap, lifting them up to create a nest for the rice ball. Gently spin the contents into a small ball, but don’t wrap it too tightly; you don’t want to squish the avocado or fish. Unwrap, and place the rice balls on a platter, avocado/fish side up.

Sprinkle with everything bagel spice.


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3 oz. Alaskan Black Cod

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