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Pastrami Smoked Salmon Great Gatsby SandwichPastrami Smoked Salmon Great Gatsby Sandwich

Meal Theme: No Cook / Sandwiches

Approximate Yield: 1 Serving


A recipe courtesy of Shelsky's Appetizing & Delicatessen, located in Brooklyn, New York. A fan favorite, you'll love this smoked salmon sandwich on a bagel or a slice of bread, open-faced or closed. Whether you choose Peter Shelsky's chosen caraway-seeded rye bagel, or switch it up, sliced pastrami smoked salmon, honey mustard, horseradish cream cheese, and red onion interplay to pack a lot of flavor into a manageably-sized smoked fish package. 


3 slices pastrami smoked salmon (plain or your favorite flavor is fine as well)
1 caraway seeded rye bagel (or your favorite bagel or sliced bread)
1/2 cup honey mustard
1 tablespoon horseradish cream cheese (if you can't find this at your local bagel shop, plain will also work well)
4 slices of red onion


Cut a caraway-seeded rye bagel in half and toast the bagel. Once toasted, add horseradish cream cheese and honey mustard. Top with red onion and pastrami cured smoked salmon.


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